I have over 15 years experience as a professional photographer. Real estate
photography combines my lifelong passions of architecture and photography. In the Bay Area, I obtained my undergraduate in art history (with an architectural
focus). Afterwards I moved to Europe, where I received my Master’s in Fine Art
Photography. Now I live with my wonderful husband and beautiful son in
Placerville, CA.

Feel free to contact me, whether you are an agent/broker, developer or rental
home owner. Let’s set out to improve your listings’ performance

Anne Hurzel Photography is an equal opportunity employer.

Ready To Start?

The best way to get a home ‘photo ready’ is to ideally have no occupants or pets present. Remove clutter and personal effects, like family portraits. On average, it takes 90 minutes to photograph the interior of 2,000 sq ft house. All images can be shared (usually via Dropbox) within 24 hours.

Anne Hurzel Photography

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