I have over 15 years experience as a professional photographer. Real estate
photography combines my lifelong passions of architecture and photography. In the Bay Area, I obtained my undergraduate in art history (with an architectural
focus). Afterwards I moved to Europe, where I received my Master’s in Fine Art
Photography. Now I live with my wonderful husband and beautiful son in
Placerville, CA.

Feel free to contact me, whether you are an agent/broker, developer or rental
home owner. Let’s set out to improve your listings’ performance

Anne Hurzel Photography is an equal opportunity employer.

Ready To Start?

The best way to get a home ‘photo ready’ is to ideally have no occupants or pets present. Remove clutter and personal effects, like family portraits. On average it takes 90 minutes to photograph a house around 2,000 sq ft. All images are shared (usually via Dropbox) within 2 days.

Anne Hurzel Photography

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